Starflower Farms is owned by 4 friends who came together for the abundance and richness of working together!  Elise, Terrance, Mike, and Kaitan own the land and business together and the journey has been incredible.  We believe deeply in good communication and allowing everyone to explore what strengths they have to offer the land.  Our children play together and fight over the best spot to build a fort (haha!), while we build our land based dreams one baby step at a time!  

Terrance Planty and Michael Blair are our two lead farmers that brought their wealth of wisdom together to begin growing a garden.  

Elise Planty is our financial coordinator and compliance manager.  Fun fun!  Elise takes care of a lot of paper work and does it with minimal complaints!  She is also a  mother, teacher, student midwife, and plant magician!  Yes, that's right - Elise loves to come into the garden and exchange medicine with the plants.  She created our labeling system with positive affirmations for every plant!  The weed you get from Starflower Farm is infused with love on so many levels!

Kaitan Tripaldi is our marketing and design coordinator.  Kaitan bottomlines our waterboard compliance process which is no easy task.  She has been making body soaps for years now using the best plant medicines available.  From pine to calendula and lavender to rose, cinnamon, charcoal and sage, Kaitan is quite the alchemist.  She is currently working on an aircrete cottage, here on the land.  She is a mother and master trimmer.  Kaitan has a passion for birth and dips into doula whenever possible.

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