At Starflower Farm, we use sustainable methods to grow and harvest craft cannabis. All sun grown plants have been grown from seed. Growing all local genetics allows the plants to thrive and be in harmony with Round Valley's microclimate and environment. Collaboration with other farmers and breeders in our area is key for sharing successful seasonal stories and trading new seeds.

Harvest time is one of the most enjoyable processes for our team, as we celebrate the season's hard work and perseverance. 


Drying and curing plants is a delicate process. Keeping the room dialed in with humidity control, heating & cooling, plant spacing, organization, and timing all play a part into a beautiful finished product. 

Living on the farm brings many joys of utilizing our natural resources in a sustainable fashion. One closed loop system we work with is using our goat manure in our homemade compost, adding nitrogen to the soil.  We also use our alpace, shetland pony, and guinea pig manure!  This really gives variety to our nutrient dense compost regimen.

We have witnessed the births of baby goats, and utilized their nutritious milk for a milk alternative and natural soap-making.  

The alpacas on the farm make for amazing fertilizer and are great watch animals. 

Another closed loop system we incorporate at Starflower, is using the cut hay from the 10 acre field as part of our strawbale beds. Using hay bales helps retain water and maintains erosion. The hay from the land is also used for feeding the goats. 

At Starflower, do not till the soil.   We know that the microbiomes that develop and exist in the soil are on our side!  We plant a "cover crop" during the winter to keep the soil alive and thriving! 

Hand watering adds a special connection to the plants. We feel that it is important to frequently give attention to one plant at a time. 

Using the artisian well provides plentiful water directly from the aquifer under Round Valley. 

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